Relevant Publications

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Impact Factor: 6.29 more
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Impact Factor: 7.79 more
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Impact Factor: 9.94 more
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Impact Factor: 11.238 more
Heparin modulates the cellular uptake of
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Impact Factor: 6.183
Unraveling the In Vivo Protein Corona
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Impact Factor: 4.366 more
An RNA vaccine drives immunity in checkpoint-inhibitor-treated melanoma
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Impact Facture: 42.778
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Impact Factor: 4.366 more
Synergistic Anticancer Therapy by Ovalbumin Encapsulation‐Enabled Tandem Reactive Oxygen Species Generation
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Impact Factor: 12.959 more
Controlling protein interactions in blood for effective liver immunosuppressive therapy by silica nanocapsules
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Impact Factor: 6.895 more
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Impact Factor: 11.459 more
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Impact Factor: 11.459
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Impact Factor: 12.959
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Impact Factor: 10.317
High-Contrast Imaging of Nanodiamonds in Cells by Energy Filtered and Correlative Light-Electron Microscopy: Toward a Quantitative Nanoparticle-Cell Analysis
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Impact Factor: 11.238
Prevention of Dominant IgG Adsorption on Nanocarriers in IgG‐Enriched Blood Plasma by Clusterin Precoating
Prozeller, D., J. Pereira, J. Simon, V. Mailander, S. Morsbach, and K. Landfester
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Impact Factor: 15.84
Combining Nanomedicine and Immunotherapy
Shi, Y. and T. Lammers
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Impact Factor: 20.832
Investigation of charge ratio variation in mRNA – DEAE-dextran polyplex delivery systems
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Impact Factor: 10.317
Noncovalent Targeting of Nanocarriers to Immune Cells with Polyphosphoester‐Based Surfactants in Human Blood Plasma
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Impact Factor: 15.84
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Smart cancer nanomedicine
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Impact Factor: 31.538
Possibilities and Limitations of Different Separation Techniques for the Analysis of the Protein Corona
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Impact Factor: 12.959
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Impact Factor: 27.398
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Impact Factor: 12.959
Potent anti-viral vaccine adjuvant based on pH-degradable nanogels with covalently linked small molecule imidazoquinoline TLR7/8 agonist
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Impact Factor: 10.317
Protein corona–mediated targeting of nanocarriers to B cells allows redirection of allergic immune responses
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Impact Factor: 12.959
Pre-adsorption of antibodies enables targeting of nanocarriers despite a biomolecular corona
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Impact Factor: 14.612
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Impact Factor: 6.048
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Pohlit, H., D. Leibig, and H. Frey 
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Impact Factor: 3.392
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Impact Factor: 10.317 more
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Impact Factor: 14.588
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Secondary‐Structure‐Driven Self‐Assembly of Reactive Polypept(o)ides: Controlling Size, Shape, and Function of Core Cross‐Linked Nanostructures
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Impact Factor: 12.959
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Impact Factor: 42.778 more
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Impact Factor: 10.317 more
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Impact Factor: 3.416 more
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Impact Factor: 6.092 more
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Impact Factor: 6.092 more
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